Animals’ Party | El Punto! Danza Teatro [13/06]

Breakdance and hip-hop urban slang has stopped being exclusively urban material and today they are connected to other creative expression in the field of dance. In Animals’ Party, example of the marriage between street culture and contemporary dance, the dancers perform an exercise of introspection in order to find their inner animality and make their wilder side surrender to the subtle and poetic story.

El Punto! Danza Teatro is a dance company founded in Seville in 1997 and directed by Fernando Lima, Brazilian choreographer settled in the Andalusian capital city. The company searches in the movement a useful dialogue to connect and communicate and bases its choreographies in a dramatic work, where quotidian looks for become a symbol. Las tres miradas de un Dandy, Una piedra en mi zapato and Sobre el peso de la luz are some of its works.

Direction and Creation: Fernando Lima
Choreography: Fernando Lima, intérpretes
Performance: Daniel Gómez, Javier Domínguez, Sergio Fuentes.
Music: Collage musical.
Mixing: Sergio Fuentes
Costume: El Punto! Danza Teatro
Communication and production: Alyson Maia
Producción: Eléctrica Proyectos Culturales
Country: Spain
Running Time: 30 min