Aquí gloria y después paz | Patricia Caballero [15/06]

Luke 2, 13 – 14 Suddenly many other angels came down from heaven and joined in praising God. They said: “Praise God in heaven! Peace on earth to everyone who pleases God.”

The main interests of Patricia Caballero, from Cadiz, are perceptual and relating processes and the practices and studies about the body. Usually, she uses the stage as a context to investigate. Her works swing from the dancing object, the plausible fiction, urban intervention and the photographic self-portrait.

Caballero started her career in the field of classic dance and took choreographic studies in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. She lives half way between Cadiz and Barcelona, where she takes part of the project Ocupaciones of La Porta.

Creation, Performance and Light Design: Patricia Caballero
Artistic Accompaniment: Lipi Hernández, Rui Catalão, Sonia Sánchez
Special thanks to: Juana, Sonia P, David, María, Jorge, Cristina, Isabel, Juan, Oscar, Carmelo, Carlos, Savina, Carmelo F, Natalia, Lourdes, Ilona, Áfrika, Adriana, Raúl…
Production: Espacios Cómodos ’10, La Porta
País: España
Duración: 60 min