Blondy’s Coffee | Entremans [10/06]

The seed of this piece can be found in the project Evanescencias, by Roman Montesinos and Kirenia Martinez. Positions, manners, textures and symbols are sought through elements added to a naked woman’s body. The choreography Blondy’s Coffee picks some of these pictures up, gathering two women on the street during coffee break time. Tired of their boring existence, they look for enjoyment in weird and absurd hobbies, which distort the truth and make them face their miseries and greatnesses.

Entremans was founded in 2005 by a group of Cubans settled in Galicia. Since its art direction is collective, is not a typical dance company but a group of artists joining efforts to create their shows. Their first show was En la cuenca de tus ojos, followed by other pieces, including A palo seco, ¿Qué pasa aquí? and Dos hombres y unos tragos.

Creation and Performance: Kirenia Martínez, Beatriz Pérez
Country: Spain/Cuba
Running Time: 15 min