How will it work on MOV-S?

In previous editions, the contents of MOV-S were drawn up by independent curators and the public bodies leading the project.

In this fourth edition, MOV-S proposes a rather collaborative model. The program of the meeting to be held in Cadiz from June 14th-17th 2012 aims to reveal the different lines of thought, concerns and singularities that the dance sector has in Ibero-America when thinking about the future.

MOV-S, therefore, becomes a work process with which we want to openly come up with contents designed by the dance community and the civil society.

The meeting has been designed as test “artifact” to implement methodologies that we believe may be interesting to operate in the long-term: horizontality, collaboration, networking, active listening, common good, collective thinking, etc. These are just some of the keys that are moving the development of 2012 edition forward.

Thus, the meeting contents will be proposed by the organization after analyzing a series of interviews we made with a group of professionals from the Ibero-American dance community, as well as from other social and cultural fields. We have also opened communication channels through several social networks with the aim that any project of interest to MOV-S can be publicly discussed.

As for the interviews, we asked different people who make up the dance sector (artists, producers, distributors, curators, scholars, press and critics, politicians, public in general, etc.) about the issues that most concern them about the future of dance.

The questions asked are as follows:

  • What questions or topics about the future and other ways to operate in dance would you like to propose for discussion at MOV-S 2012?
  • What people do you think should participate in panel discussions to theoretically or pragmatically debate about other ways of operation in dance in the future?
  • What projects related to dance and art in general, which are implementing new practices or provoking debate about ways to operate a dance in the current context, do you think should be presented at MOV-S?
  • What artists or art projects that involve other ways to create, produce, disseminate and present their work should take part in the debates or the artistic program?
  • Given that MOV-S is being thought as a process rather than an event, how do you think we should give continuity to this work? How do you think we should we move forward on agreements and projects?
  • How do you think we should work during the event? What kind of activities should be included in the program? Is there a particular dynamic that should be proposed?

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