Drown the Road | La Macana / Unusual Symptoms [13/06]

Drown the Road is the first collaborative work between Alexis Fernandez (La Macana) and Julio Cesar Iglesias, both Cuban dancers who develop their creative work in Europe for years. The show arrives in a short version to be performed outdoors and it is a journey that prevents stillness, which allows inhabiting new spaces. The piece is a trip towards the inside mind of someone who faces his devils to try to see their faces.

Alexis Fernandez has taken part in the Contemporary Dance of Cuba, where he met his mate in this project. In Spain, he has collaborated with the Centro Coreográfico Galego, Entremans and La Intrusta companies. In 2009 he founded La Macana with Caterina Valera. Julio Cesar Iglesias has also worked with Wim Vandekeybus. He is a member of Unusual Symptoms, an international production team that work has a network to build up production structures to support the creative work in contemporary dance.

Creation and Performance: Julio César Iglesias, Alexis Fernández
Technical Direction: Caterina Varela
Production: Alexandra Morales, Gregor Runge, Caterina Varela
Producción: La Macana / Unusual Symptoms
Co-production: Theater im Pumpenhaus, Kulturamt der Stadt Münster
Special thanks: NORMAL (Espazo de Intervención Cultural da Universidade da Coruña)
Country: Spain/Cuba/Germany
Running Time: 15 min