El Pliegue | Sonia Sánchez [16/06]

El Pliegue is focused on the inside and outside memory emerged from the sounds and the silences, the melodies and the dissonances, the passions and the understandings, the attitudes and the gestures. Each experience is used as an inner movement that creates the relief and the textures in the dramaturgy. The piece has came up from the research by Sonia Sánchez in the context of the workshops series called El inmediatamente de al lado, whose objective is to create intimate and common spaces and moments of reciprocity.

Following a long period in the field of dance and music, in 2002 Sonia Sánchez decided to start a new phase of deep investigation of the ways of teaching, creating, writing and transmitting flamenco. She opens now to a new way, which will give continuity to this decade of research and will raise new questions.

Direction and Perfomance: Sonia Sánchez
Artistic Collaboration: Joan Saura, Liba Vilavechia, Manel Vizoso, Patricia Caballero, Eduardo Rodilla
Compañía in residence: Mercat de les Flors, Centro Cívico Can Felipa, Centro Cívico Barceloneta, Centro de creación Burg, Centro de investigación OK Corral, L’Estruch
With the support: Mercat de les Flors
Country: Spain
Running Time: 20 min