Escuálido Marsupial | Manuel Rodríguez & Elías Aguirre [15/06]

Manuel Rodríguez and Elías Aguirre get together to form a duet that starts from widely known action films features. Subsequently, their show loses the initial effect and it becomes full of irony in a series of sketches presented from a curious and absurd dialogue between the characters and the audience. The premiere of Escuálido Marsupial was during the Choreographic Contest of Madrid of 2010, where the piece came second.

Both of them studied in the Conservatorio de Danza of Madrid. Aguirre also holds a degree in Fine Arts and has received courses in butoh, street dance, clown, photography and graphic design. He has worked in many dance companies, including Mayumana, Dani Panullo and Xlr. He currently directs his own dance company called 87 grillos and develops videodance projects. Rodríguez is also a graduated in classic dance. During four years he was part of Provisional Danza and he has been creator in residence of the Choreographic Centre of La Gomera, of the Canal in Madrid and of La Nave del Duende of Cáceres. He was listed in the Dance Europe magazine as one of the best dancers of 2011.

Creation and performance: Elías Aguirre, Manuel Rodríguez
Lights: Pedro Herrero
Music: Collage
Residence: La Nave del Duende
Country: Spain
Running Time: 15 min