Garabato | Andrea Quintana [16/06]

The memory of the body shapes an impulse, a physical line that finds its place in contact with architecture and that changes depending on the space where it takes place. Garabato is a movement that it is drawn and blurred through the eyes of the observer. The audience creates the piece, seeking different perspectives moving throughout the space while accompanying the performer.

Andrea Quintana is a Galician dancer graduated in classic dance and with a wide education in contemporary dance in Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam. She has worked with many creators, including Carmen Werner, Daniel Abreu and with companies, such as Arrieritos, La Familia, Ertza and Pisando Ovos. She has also developed projects related to visual and plastic arts in collaboration with Belgian groups. Her career includes solos like Camino de Belvís and A Mano and the show Nudos, created in 2009 with Paula Muela.

Concept and performance: Andrea Quintana
Special thanks to: Janet Novás, Paula Muela, Nora Arroita
Country: Spain
Running Time: 15 min