Limits | Manuel Rodríguez [13/06]

Where and when does the movement start and finish. This is the question that Manuel Rodriguez deals with in this analysis of the limits between the mind as the engine of the body and vice versa. Here, the qualities and quality and the energy of the movement are used as a collage. Limits is a physical path limited by a body soaked up in events and episodes that affect it when running, walking, stopping or overwhelming. The search of welfare in a dark and uneasy side has made the dancer develop a peculiar style – a language based on the accuracy and on the extremeness, on the contrasts of energy.

After four years of collaboration with the company Provisional Danza, Manuel Rodriguez presented his first solo, Un cero a mi favor, in Gatadans 2008. In his premiere, the critics welcomed his aesthetic solution and his discipline as a way of overcoming the limitations of each dancer. He has collaborated with Danni Pannullo, Asier Zapaleta and Sharon Fridman and has worked in some opera performances in the Teatro Real of Madrid.

Artistic direction, Choreography and performance: Manuel Rodríguez
Direction assistant: Mar Aguió Duran (CND 1)
Costume: Davidelfín
Lights: Pedro Herrero, Manuel Rodríguez
Music: Collage
Residence: Centro Danza Canal, La Nave del Duende
Country: Spain
Running Time: 45 min