MOV-S 2012 was a collaborative work process that culminated with an Ibero-American meeting for professionals, groups and organizations devoted to dance, motion arts and contemporary creativity that took place in Cadiz from June 14th to June 17th, 2012.

MOV-S 2012 aims were to create a space for discussion that encourages reflection on the ways to operate in the current Ibero-American context.

Its web-blog opened a space for joint reflection on these issues. People were be able to share their thoughts and experiences about the modes of operation in dance, motion arts and contemporary creation in Ibero-America.

The meeting, which took place in Cadiz, was a horizontal space for debate and the introduction of projects and experience. In addition, several performances and/or Ibero-American art projects took place in some theaters and public spaces of the city.

In short, our main objectives are:

  • Offering a space for exchanging ideas, reflections and thoughts about ways of working in dance in Ibero-American contexts.
  • Reflecting together on the responsibilities, rights and actions to be performed in the contexts we belong to.
  • Supporting the coordination and structuring of the sector of dance and motion arts in Spain and developing collaborative strategies with Ibero-America.
  • Creating a meeting space for Ibero-American artists and MOV-S attendees to promote mutual understanding in a horizontal space.