Mercat de les Flors Director: Francesc Casadesús
Cadiz in Dance Director: Pepe Vélez
Teatros de Cádiz” Director: Vega López Orbaños
MOV-S Director: Natalia Balseiro
Mercat de les Flors Communication Manager: Pepe Zapata
Communication: Silvia González
Public Relations: Alysson Maia (Eléctrica Producciones)
Production Responsible: Víctor L. Carbajales
Production Team: Pedro Portellano, Olga Álvarez
Methodology: Maria Ptqk
International Relations: Francesc Casadesús, Natalia Balseiro and David Márquez
Design: Uqui Cebra

Mercat de les Flors

The Mercat de les Flors was built in 1929 on the occasion of the Universal Exposition and it opened to the public as a theater in 1985 with the representation of Mahabharata, Peter Brook. Today it operates as a public consortium formed by the City of Barcelona and the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, and with the participation of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Historically it has been a major driving force for the performing arts and an international landmark for contemporary art creation with representations of Susanne Linke, Pina Bausch, Tadeusz Kantor, Robert Lepage, Comediants or La Fura dels Baus, among others.

Currently, as a center for research, production, creation and diffusion of the arts of dance and motion, it offers a broad program that shows different moments and concepts of the creative process in dance.

It is an internationally famous space that manages the European project Dance-Modul, which has 18 European associated dance projects.

Committed to both international trends and domestic production, the Mercat is nowadays a space for exchange, for connection between dance and other disciplines of thought and creation and for promoting new projects. It is also the reflection of a personality and a place for learning about differences.

City of Cadiz

In 2000 the City of Cadiz built “Teatros de Cádiz” to group together different scenic municipal spaces that, so far, had functioned independently under the umbrella of the Municipal Foundation for Culture. “Teatros de Cádiz” aims to manage and plan these spaces and to develop projects and cultural events in which different artistic languages ​​and disciplines can coexist.

The project Cadiz in Dance was born eleven years ago with a focus on contemporary dance at its maximum diversity, but without leaving aside other artistic languages ​​such as flamenco, urban dance and other means of expression in which motion plays a key role.

Besides showcasing the latest creations of renowned theatrical companies, the festival also encourages the creation of new projects by offering the possibility to young artists and performers to contrast their art with the public.