The characteristic key of MOV-S’ fourth edition is its procedural and collaborative personality.

We are building a collaborative process in order to shape the meeting in Cadiz from a broader view on the issues that nowadays concern our sector.

The web is the main tool we will use for generate thoughts, suggest questions and reflections which animate the debate that will be opened on social networking through Facebook to reach agreement on the specific topics to be discussed during the meeting within the community.

Here we will incorporate texts or formulas that have been proposed as the result of a reflection process or interesting experiences in dance and other areas of knowledge in the Ibero-American field.

We will also share video snippets in a series of interviews with the participation of fifty Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American professionals from the dance communities. We are reaching artists, citizens, curators, cultural managers, scholars, critics, producers, managers and people from other areas of knowledge to talk about the issues that most concern them about future of the dance sector.

These documents and interviews will include clues to start an open discussion about other ways to operate in dance. Drawing from these ideas, we will be able to broaden the look around which the final contents of the meeting in June 2012 will be organized, to set the program for a meeting designed to be a collective narrative and a common need.

This meeting will be a horizontal space for group discussion. Moreover, projects will be shared as far as interesting Ibero-American experiences on the ways of operation in dance.

The process is open through social networks to any person, group or organization wishing to share their thoughts and experiences. You can get in touch with MOV-S here.