Sed (street performance) | ProDanCo [08/06]

A bottle of water is an object that plots a way towards the poetic exploration of Dominican identities, through race, gender, power and culture. The item changes throughout the play into multiple objects and meanings. Sed is a proposal of contemporary dance piece, where theatre, singing, video performance, live music and the work with the object are mixed. This is the first project of choreographer Marianela Boan as the director of ProDanCo, prelude of what will be the national company of contemporary dance of Dominican Republic.

ProDanCo offers, before its presentation on June 9th in Gran Teatro Falla, a street adaptation of its original show.

Marianela Boan, internationally acclaimed choreographer, dancer and teacher, has worked in over forty countries creating peaces for dance companies, theatre, TV and movies.

General Direction and Dramaturgy: Marianela Boan.
Choreography: Marianela Boan con la colaboración de los intérpretes/with the collaboration of the performers.
Music: Jorge Read
Costume: Nicole Jiménez
Lights: Bienvenido Miranda
Performance: Dayme del Toro, Mildred Rubirosa, Evelyn Tejeda, Anny Cruz, Rafael Morla, Eric Roque, Yojanel Bruno, Anubis Arias.
Country: República Dominicana
Running Time: 15 min