The Hot One Hundred Choreographers | Cristian Duarte [16/06]

Cristian Duarte reinterprets a long list of references that have accompanied him throughout his journey across dance, choreographers and shows present at some point of his training period and his subsequent career as a choreographer. Created in collaboration with Rodrigo Andreolli, the starting point and inspiration  for the creation of the show was the work of Scottish artist Peter Davies, who created a multicoloured text-painting of one hundred artists/works of his preference, entitled The Hot One Hundred. Cristian Duarte carried this procedure of Davies to his choreography environment and devoured these works in order to create this dance collection that allows him to reflect on shape, production, authorship, context, excess and resolution. References include Le Roy, Rizzo, La Ribot, Lachambre, Decoufflé, Bausch, Forsythe, Fokine, Duncan, Béjart, Ono or Fosse and some pop culture icons such as Michael Jackson and his popular Moonwalker, Bruce Lee and Gene Kelly.

Cristian Duarte graduated from P.A.R.T.S., whose artistic director is Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Interested in experimenting with language, Duarte has always been keen on collaborating with other artists of his genre, such as the Madrilenian Paz Rojo in the project A piece… together? Currently, he is coordinating the residence for artists Lote#1 in São Paulo.

Collaboration and creation: Rodrigo Andreolli
Light Design: André Boll
Sound Editing: Tom Monteiro
“Hot” contributions: Bruno Freire, Julia Rocha, Tarina Quelco
Art Design and Production: Cristian Duarte, Rodrigo Andreolli
Webdesign and programming: Roberto Winter
Costume Design: Cristian Duarte
Originally produced for: 15th Cultura Inglesa Festival (2011)
Supported by: Artist Faculty program School fo Dance – Herberger Institute – Arizona/USA, Simon Dove, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Valéria Cano Bravi, PUC-SP-Artes do Corpo, Rosa Hércoles, Peter Davies, 100 coreógrafos.
Country: Brasil
Duration: 50 min