Todos los nombres | Mal Pelo [15/06]

Todos los nombres is a journey of discovery among the names that identify and make up a particular body. The show is a reflection on definition and confirmation of the self through names. In this solo, dancer María Muñoz starts from the idea that naming is shaping the will of figuring out what we are, what explains us. The texts for the show are inspired by Carlos Thiebaut’s book, A History of Naming. María Muñoz and the Madrilenian philosopher established an intense dialogue during the process of creation of the show, which counts with the contribution of the writer John Berger.

In 1989 María Muñoz and Pep Ramis founded Mal Pelo. Mal Pelo has always had as a key goal the permanent search for languages. The roaming during the first years has helped to deepen in the idea of exchange, which crystallized in 2001 with the creation of the L’animal a la esquena. This centre encourages experimentation and conversation between artists in the province of Girona. Some of the most important titles among its extensive work include Atrás los ojos, Bach, Testimoni de llops and He visto caballos.

Creation and perfomance: María Muñoz
Artistic Direction and Space Design: Pep Ramis, María Muñoz
Direction Collaboration: Leo Castro
Music: Steve Noble, John Edwards, Nuno Rebelo
Additional Music: Peteris Vasks, Arnaldo Antunes
Texts: Mal Pelo
Light Design: August Viladomat
Sound Design: Àlex Polls
Scenic Objects: Ben Heinzel-Lichtwark, Magali Rousseau
Costume: CarmepuigdevalliplantéS
Video: Xavier Pérez
Photography: Jordi Bover
Production: Mamen Juan-Torres, Susana Saguer
Promotion: Eduard Teixidor
With the collaboration: Carlos Thiebaut, John Berger, Anna Subirana, Ramón Rey
Production: Festival d’Estiu de Barcelona Grec 2011 Agora de la Danse de Montreal, Mal Pelo
Coproduction: Festival VEO 2011, Festival Temporada Alta 2010
Collaboration: L’animal a l’esquena, DeVIR/CAPa Portugal
Country: Spain
Running Time: 65 min